Writing Services

Writing services start at $0.50 per word.
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Selling products or services online? Finally creating your website (yay!), but struggling with your business’ summary? Need a blog or press release? Don’t have the time to write all those Instagram captions? I can do it all for you.

My commerce copywriting services include a variety of B2C copy, including web copy, advertisements, social media posts and blogs.


Personal: Whether you’re writing a novel, memoir, nonfiction book or business document, my ghostwriting services ensure your project reaches completion without taking over your life.

Business: I use my background in journalism and science to understand complex needs of business projects. I’ll make your study, white paper, or business manuscript polished, compelling, and ready for publishing.


Nothing is worse than distracting typos and grammatical errors when you’re trying to communicate an idea to your boss or sell a product to clients.

I ensure your writing is perfect so you can publish in peace.



“Jody is wonderfully expert in the way she gives attention and responds with punctuality and work quality. She definitely worth a 5-star rating!!!”

“Jody helped me edit the draft of my book before I submitted it to my publisher for final review. Her feedback gave me peace of mind throughout the writing process. She helped me feel confident that my ideas were communicated clearly with proper grammar and punctuation. Her contributions were a necessary asset to the success of my project.”
— Travis

“She is awesome. She would try her best to understand the person she’s working with and also will make sure what we want. All and all she’s awesomely awesome. Helped me all the way through.”
— Dhruvi

“Jody is a LIFE SAVER! I had no idea where to begin with my project. She's educated, an attentive listener and will do an amazing job articulating your vision. I highly recommend her.”
— Marie

“Jody knows how to make your written paper be the best.”
— Gina