Communicate with style.

Writing is not about words. It’s about experience. We’ve all—at least once—felt a catch in our throats and tug at our hearts after reading a line. We’ve all been changed by something we’ve read.

Creating moments of transformation is what I aim to do for your readers. Be it professional or personal website copy, a book, blog, essay or virtually anything using the written word, let’s make an impact.



My Services

Enhance your business web copy, advertisements, social media presence and blog to communicate effectively with your clients. I use my background in journalism to understand complex writing needs of business projects.

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Who is Jody Strait?

I’m a copywriter and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ll help you perfect the message you project into the world using the written word—the most powerful tool known to humankind.

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Weekly Writings

I write on a variety of issues, from current events to opinion pieces, travel, poetry, and free tips on how to make your writing stronger. My intention is to inspire you with the power of the written word.

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Jody is awesome.. She would try her best to understand the person she’s working with and also will make sure [the project] is what we want. All and all she’s awesomely awesome. Helped me all the way through.
— Dhruvi K.
Jody is a LIFESAVER! I had no idea where to begin with my project. She’s educated, an attentive listener and will do an amazing job articulating your vision. I highly recommend her.
— Marie J.
Jody is wonderfully expert in the way she gives attention and responds with punctuality and work quality. She is definitely worth a 5-star rating!!!
— Gordhan V.
Jody knows how to make your written paper be the best.
— Gina S.